Development Appraisal

We specialise in getting the most out of properties with inventive use of space and a thorough knowledge of Planning Policy and other restrictions.. Our appraisal service prioritises the value of a site that you own or are considering for purchase.

Our input provides  a vital tool in informing your investment decision and helping you manage risk and control costs. We start with your initial brief from which we make our own detailed assessment of the site.

Initial Appraisal

We provide a free of charge, no obligation initial appraisal. We look at:

  • the physical characteristics of the site or property
  • planning & legal issues
  • your aspirations for the site
  • the resources available to you

If it is evident there are good reasons to consider further then we can provide fuller information in an Appraisal Report.

Appraisal Report

The resulting feasibility report provides sufficient information about how to proceed (or not) to a full planning application and will include:

  • an outline design
  • a schedule of accommodation
  • indicative costs
  • indicative sales/rental values

Reports can be turned around quickly to take account of your timing requirements and are offered for a fixed price on quotation. Feasibility reports give you an understanding of the real value of the site, the true costs and any constraints. We put you in a position to make an informed decision and ensure you can realise the best return on your investment.

For an informal chat about your particular needs or to arrange an initial briefing, offered free of charge please get in touch.